L’eela CBD Bodycare embodies integrity, purpose, and the elevation of spirit. L’eela empowers us to embrace our unique beauty from the inside and out.


-Lisa & Amy


As demand for cannabidiol (CBD) surges and products flood the market, health-conscious consumers need products they can trust. New CBD body care line L’eela sets a higher standard for integrity with its collection of responsibly sourced whole plant hemp-derived CBD supplements and natural topical and skincare products. L’eela, developed by experts with deep backgrounds in sustainable cannabis production and ancient healing practices, puts wellness and purpose at the core of its mission. L’eela was created to elevate CBD products through ayurvedic principles. The line was developed specifically for consumers mindful of what they put in and on their body. L’eela products prioritize the use of therapeutic-grade oils with customized formulations and natural ingredient pairings.

  • Why? Because CBD is derived from Hemp and is NOT going to get you "high". Hemp derived CBD is a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds.
  • Why? Because balanced beauty is inside and out. Treat you mind, body, and spirit well, and the peace within shines thru.
  • Why? Have you heard anyone tell you CBD does not work? Give it a try. The reason it is under-researched is it's connection to THC/Marijuana, but again, they are derived from two different plants.
  • Why? Because our products are formulated Paraben free and contain a minimal number of intentionally selected ingredients.
  • Why? No matter the gender, no matter the age, the benefits of L'eela products support a healthy routine.

L’eela CBD BodyCare is the brainchild of co-CEO Amy Andrle, owner of the boutique Denver cannabis dispensary L’Eagle Services, and co-CEO and formulation specialist Lisa Richards, an ayurvedic and yoga practitioner. “I have been a devotee of CBD and whole-plant cannabis products ever since I discovered how effective they can be in recovery and healing after workouts and in treating fitness-related injuries,” Ms. Richards said. “And because I use these products religiously—and make my own—I knew there was room in this space for a luxe and ethical brand for people who obsess over oils and ingredients and details as much as I do.”

Ms. Andrle’s experience founding L’Eagle—a Colorado cannabis dispensary and cultivation focused on sustainably cultivated and organically grown cannabis—nearly a decade ago proved indispensable in the development of L’eela products. The L’Eagle brand has become synonymous with authenticity and transparency, featuring Clean Green and Certifiably Green Denver certifications. The credibility of the brand, paired with Ms. Richards’ experience in product development, help distinguish L’eela among the sea of CBD products available in the marketplace. “L’Eagle is trusted to deliver organically grown cannabis and drawing upon that experience to branch out into the CBD beauty space was something that interested me very much,” Ms. Andrle said. “As the health and cosmetic benefits of CBD products become more well-known, we know L’eela offers something totally unique while also having a tangible, positive impact on our customers’ lives and well-being.” L’eela’s high-quality, small-batch formulations are safe, clean, green and effective, which is why continuing ingredient research is vital.



Amy Andrle lives in Denver, Colorado and is co-owner of L’Eagle Services, a sustainable and recreational dispensary, MIP, and cultivation facility specializing in organically grown cannabis.Established in 2010, L’Eagle Services was an early adopter of organic agricultural best practices and standards, as well as superior consumer education. L’Eagle was awarded the City and County of Denver Department of Environmental Health’s first Certified Green Business designation for a cannabis company. L’Eagle is the only Denver recreational cultivation and dispensary to be Clean Green certified, the No. 1 certification nationally for cannabis cultivated using sustainable, natural and organically-based practices. Today, in addition to being a mother and running day-to-day operations for L’Eagle, Amy actively participates in outreach by contributing her time serving on the City of Denver’s Cannabis Sustainability Work Group, and as a founding board member of the Cannabis Certification Council. She also provides consulting services for legal marijuana companies looking to improve quality and sustainability in their operations. Amy, a Cuban-American spanish speaker, was named a 2017 Most Important Woman in Cannabis by Cannabis Business Executive. Amy was appointed a prestigious position serving on the Denver County Cultural Council.

Lisa Richards is co-CEO and formulation specialist for L’eela Bodycare. She has been teaching yoga and studying Ayurveda for 20 years. Known as a “teacher’s teacher”, Lisa has taught classes, trainings and workshops to thousands of yogis across the globe. In 2008, she produced her first two Yoga DVDs. In 2010, while pregnant with her second child, Lisa produced her 3rd video on prenatal yoga. In 2015, she was named one of Denver’s top teachers. Lisa has been seen in publications such as Yoga Journal, Origins Magazine, Mile High Sports and the Washingtonian. Along her path, she gained an appreciation for the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) and whole-plant cannabis products when she used them to aid recovery and healing from her own severe back and hip injuries. Her discovery of CBD’s healing properties and abilities to bring our bodies into balance, combined with her interest in Ayruvedic principles, helped spark the beginning of L’eela Bodycare. Lisa’s career has been based on the belief system that our health and wellness relies on a balance of mind, body and spirit. In her practice, she has worked with pro athletes, TV personalities, preschoolers and everyone in between. In addition to teaching yoga and her work with L’eela, Lisa is a mother of two, a wife, an animal lover and a passionate advocate for positive social change.